Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1


I received a brief private message that Onyx will not release this new 2.1.1 firmware for the Boox Note Lite in English.
(which is very disappointing since it is a current model identical in hardware except for the note-taking pen feature)

They suggested though that I could change the language to Chinese, and then do an OTA update, which would probably give me 2.1.1
In Chinese in assume.

So after that I guess I could change the language back to English again, if I can find my way through the Chinese interface…

Before I try that:
Have other forum members performed a similar action, and is it safe, or are there drawbacks/risks I should know about?



I did that with my Nova Pro before the international version of the 2.1.1 firmware was released. No problems at all.

If you are worried about changing the language back after the update, you could always use some other device to take pictures beforehand of the screens you will be navigating between to see their layout. You could probably even use an online ocr program to translate photos of the screen from Chinese to English if you somehow got stuck after making the change.


There seems to be a bug with the new 2.1.1 firmware on the regular Note. Every time I try to take a screenshot using the Navigation Ball app, the app crashes.

The screenshot function with the Navigation Ball works perfectly on both my Note Pro and my Nova Pro. Not sure why it isn’t working on the regular Note. It would be really helpful to get this fixed. Thanks.


A definate improvement. However, the AI for converting English handwriting into text is not complete to my mind. It can’t read my “joined-up” writing. That would not be a problem if there was a way to teach it to read more accurately. I think that is missing. Handwriting to text wold be a very powerful feature for a sizeable percentage of the population if you can get this right.

The navigation ball is an excellent addition. Well done!


Thanks QuestionMark!
I’ll give it a shot soon.
Still it’s a pity that Onyx let’s it’s customers jumping hoops like this instead of providing English firmware for the whole current ‘Note’ range.

I think I succeeded. But the version info looks cryptic: 2019-03-19_15-22_2.1_4c8ffe0
So there is no literal “2.1.1” in it.
Also the date seems a month older than what I would expect.

So am I up to date now, or am I still a fw behind?


It’s mostly a great update. I like the navigation ball and Neo Reader 3.0.

I do have a couple of issues on the Note Pro:

  • Please consider optimizing for the Kindle app. Page turning has a distracting halfway frame regardless of any Animation Filter value. This does not present in online videos of pre-firmware 2.0 and appears to be a new issue.

  • Please consider adding the sidebar locations ( Apps, etc ) as options for the navigation ball destination options and changing the double-click function.

  • I apparently have an issue with my Note Pro with some fundamental mounting issue and it requires a factory reset every update. This is not an issue specific to this update, but a critical issue for me nonetheless.



Hi Claire, new NeoReader 3.0 is so nice!

However I hope you would support “right to left” page view option when facing page mode is activated at Format - Display setting.

it’s only “left to right” page view now.
so some books shown left and right pages to opposite side.


No question, 2.1.1 is a big improvement. I like the highligthing functions in the Neo-Reader and that in the sidenote-mode you now can scribble in the document and in the notesection at the same time.

There are just two, three things I am missing:
It would be very nice, if in the sidenot-mode you can highlight words or run the dictionary with a fingertip, like it ist possible in the normal mode. Now, if you want to look up for a word, you have to close the sidemode, turn around the device, press on the word, then switch to menu, press scribble, press sidemode and turn around the device again. That is annoying.

It’s a gut idea to have document-binded notes. But sometimes it would be nice to have the notes binded to the sites as it used to be. Why not let this be an option to choose.

The navigation ball is very useful. the only very important thing, that I miss, ist the possibility to add the NeoReader to a quick-button. The NeoReader doesn’t neither appear on the task switcher. To switch between an app an the NeoReader would be something very useful.

Thanx a lot on the onyx-team for keeping working on the firmware. I now use Onyx devices since 4 years and it is very nice to see the improvements of soft- and hardware.


Hello, we have tried to use the Navigation Ball to take a screenshot on several devices and all work well without crash. Could you please try again? And if that happens again, please submit this on Feedback on your device.


Hello Claire,

the latest update brings many improvements and the graphics is better.

What I am still missing is that in the Note app, one cannot increase the number of horizontal lines beyond 20. Can you increase that to 24 and 27, or better let the user customise de number?

Also, can you add Romanian with the next update? Thank you.


Hello, thank you for your feedback on the latest firmware. You could customize the Note template in your computer or download the Note template with more than 20 lines online, and then you shall save those template in the format of PDF or PNG. After that, you could put those saved note templates under Storage\Note \Note Template and you could use these Note Templates in your device.
We will forward the Romanian request to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Hello, thank you for your feedback first.

For the Kindle page turn problem, could you please try to uninstall the Kindle App from Play Store and try to use the one from Onyx App Store? For the navigation ball problem, we will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up. For the update problem, could you please submit this on Feedback?


Hello, thank you for your support and kind suggestions all the time. We will forward that to our relative colleagues to follow up. But I am a little confused at the second point. Do you mean the sidenote function?


Yes I am talking about the sidenotes. Sidenote is now associated with documents instead of pages. That seems okay for most situations. But it would be great if I could choose between two modes: “associated with document” and “associated with pages”.

I like to explain the problem with an example:

I am reading a document with 120 pages. Now I start to make sidenotes at page 8 of the document. So I got further reading the document and making sidenotes. If I now go to the TOC-Menu I can enter the sidenotes directly. I can choose the last page of my sidenotes and it brings me directly to the desired note. That is useful. But unfortunately the Document jumps always to the the same page, the page which was opened, when I startet to make sidenotes. In the above example, it jumps always to page 8. So imagine you made a sidenotes reading the wohle document. you started making notes on page 8 and your last sidenote was made on page 118. Now you go to the TOC-Menu, you choose a specific sidenote you made, when you was reading page 100. The sidenotes jumps to the desired sidenote, but the document jumps to page 8. Obviously it It would be great, when the document jumps to the page which was opened when I made a spedicific sidenote (here to page 100). Or at least it would be helpful, when the document doesn‘t jump at all, so I can continue reading, where I just left the document. (This is important, because now it is not possible anymore to choose a certain page of the reading document in sidenote-mode – a lost function in the new firmware).


With the previous firmware, for epubs you could select exact font sizes.
E.g. 16 or 20.

But the latest firmware only has a slider that does not indicate the font size anymore.
Also it seems to have rough steps in between font sizes, and I think I can’t get the very small font sizes as I used to be able to have before.

So in regards to the epub font size reading functionality, 2.1.1 has gotten worse.

Please make finer grained and specific font size selection available for the next firmware update?


RE: Direct note taking

As I mentioned previously I like the ability to take notes directly
But now I’ve been using this for a while I noticed a few things
Palm rejection doesn’t work perfectly and a few times the page turned while writing
I believe most touch and page turn delay might have increased (possibly because of palm detection process?)
Especially visible in A2 mode which was almost instantaneous, which I sometimes use to find pages quickly

Now since this doesn’t seem to work perfectly, why not have the choice to use the pen button instead
As I suggested previously to switch between pen selection and pen writing
This way no need for palm rejection, and also possible to select small words with the stylus again…


Agree with demian about the sidenotes and the neoReader in the navigation ball, which was discussed here:


Onyx App Store Kindle + Animation Filter set to 30 fixed my Kindle issue.
I’ll follow up with the other issue using the Feedback form.



I believe that this will only work until the app gets updated through the play store, as it has a newer version number than the Onyx App Store.

I did have it installed through the Onyx App Store, but it got updated and no doesn’t work well.


I am very sorry to say that I extremely dislike the new reader interface on my max2pro.

I very much enjoyed the old side by side (document on the left, scribble on the right in landscape) interface. The little popup menu in the middle was unobtrusive, crop worked and I had no problem turning pages.

Also when not scribbling I kept the touch interface turned off, so I flipped pages with the pen, which worked like a charm.

The two most problematic things are:

  • I cannot turn off crop mode in the side by side scribble app: I am currently reading a document where the side by side scribble app does not display the whole page at once, so I have to tap “next page” to move to see rest of the page.
  • turning pages is very slow now.

Let me close with two things which I like about the new version:

  • crop works in landscape mode (when having two pages of the document side by side)
  • scribble pages of the side by side scribble app are linked to the whole document and not to individual pages anymore.