Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1


The minimum text size on max 2 is too big. Before this new version of the reader we could choose much more options like text size by number and not just a scale with limited options.

We need an input on text size by number or a configurable slider


Hi Claire,

Thank you for your response. As the screenshot problem on my regular Note continued even after the most recent update, I used the feedback feature on the Note to report the continuing issue.

I am glad to report that the Onyx team has already gotten back to me on this. They have apparently identified the problem and will correct it in the next update… I really appreciate how Onyx is dealing with these issues so responsively. Keep up the awesome work. I’m really loving your products.


I’m really having a problem with pinch zoom in the neoreader after the update (on a boox note). I have to stretch my hand almost completely to have any kind of feedback! It was working fine 30 minutes ago before the update!


Hello, we are fixing this and we will keep you updated.


Hello, we are fixing this and we will keep you updated.


Hello, thank you for your support to us all the time. :grinning:


Correct, for real-world use sidenotes still need a lot of detailed work. Below I linked a couple of other posts on this topic.

For me personally the most problematic issue is that sidenotes have seemingly no relation to the page alongside them.
E.g. if I resize the text of an ebook, sidenotes don’t match up with the pages that were beside them originally. (Edit: on this, I notice in the release notes: 5. Sidenote now is associated with documents instead of pages. … that is not an improvement.)


We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues to follow up. And we will keep you updated.


Ok thank you, I clicked the wrong button.
Every single page is exported as a single PNG however. It would be much better to export one PDF. I’m think the old firmware could export PDFs right?
Especially exporting PDFs with scribbles directly on the page as PNG is very inconvenient I think?

Best regards


I have several related problems with Neoreader 3.0 using Max 2 Pro. I only just bought it, so I only had a day of experience with Neoreader 2 before updating the firmware.

  1. If I edit a PDF (highlights and scribbles) then delete it, if I copy the original file without annotations anywhere to the Max 2, the PDF inherits the highlights and scribbles. This is problematic when editing a series of files that have the same name but would be stored in different directories.

  2. Similarly, if I edit a PDF, the copy it to my desktop, remove some of the edits, then copy that file back to the Max 2, the PDF still shows the scribbles. The only way to remove the scribbles is in Neoreader. This means I can’t edit a file in multiple places.

  3. Similarly, if there are two PDFs on the Max 2 with the same name, and I edit one, the same annotations show up in the other file, even though they are stored in separate folders.

Can anyone else confirm these results?

I can only assume that Neoreader is keeping a database somewhere with the annotations and doesn’t know to recognize when another PDF program has deleted or altered the Neoreader edits. Is there anyway to clear this database cache? I can also only assume Neoreader tracks the file partially by name, which is an enormous data-corruption risk.

All of this means it’s very difficult to trust Neoreader to edit a PDF, which is the only reason I bought it.

I would also like to chime in and say it would be enormously helpful if it were possible to launch Neoreader from another app, like Google Drive or Dropbox.


Hi, I use my boox note 10.3 for reading my textbooks. Sometimes i want to disable touch to skim the pages with my finger but it’s very inconvenient to activate the system status bar on Neo reader which make the page’s size smaller and also i have to disable touch again after switching documents. Can you add the disable touch function to the navigation ball and keep disable touch after switching documents? I’ll be very much appreciate, thank you.


Thanks for your response Claire! I looked in Internet and found these templates: (see the templates from “M.I.H”).

The 27 horizontal lines template is so cool! After copying it in the “Note Template” folder, it worked flawlessly. Also the 41 horizontal lines template can be useful.

Tumbs up!


Scribbling directly on document and sidenote sections is a welcomed addition, but the uncoupling of the sidenote from the document page is problematic. Also, cropping in sidenote mode cuts parts of the document, especially if top navigation bar is overlying, which is required for navigation of the sidenotes now that navigation of sidenote is uncoupled from that of the document. Coupling of the sidenote to the document page rather than the whole document should be restored or at least be provided as an option. Thanks


Do you export the sidenote in PNG format from TOC?
You could try to export PDFs with sidenotes as following:
First, go to the Sidenote mode;
Then press the middle of the screen and pop up the menu;
Third, you could choose the “Embed PDF” option or “Export PDF” option.


Hi Claire,

I often have to work and study from two or more documents at the same time, on my Max2 Pro. In the previous firmware the tab line for the open documents were always visible on the top, and I could switch easily between them by selecting the desired tab. Now however the tab line is hidden by default. I have to bring up the settings menu, then switch to the other document and then hide the settings menu again. This becomes very annoying after a while.

In general, your software is good for reading a single document or writing a single note, but is not yet good enough for working with multiple documents and notes at the same time. This is a basic requirement for any serious work or study and prevents your product from reaching its full potential.

– Max


Dear, thank you for your feedback. We will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Hello Max, for the Multiple Documents Status problem, we will forward this to our relative colleagues to follow up.


Yes I exported from TOC. When opening a PDF and using “Export PDF”, it inserts the sidenotes at the page last read, you are right. That’s why I did not see them , thank you.

The “embed PDF” however seems to do nothing?

Exporting notes from an ebook (AZW) definitely does not work. It only exports the sidenote page currently visible as a PNG.



When viewing PDFs in the double page mode, the text on the left side is not readable. It seems not correctly rendered.

Also, how can I choose if the odd (1,3,5) or the even (2,4,6) page is on the left side of the screen? This is important, since right now images which go across two pages in a PDF are still split up in double page mode.

Thank you


It seems that it is not available to choose the odd or even page on the left side. Could you kindly provide a picture or the document that has image problem to us?