Share your thoughts on the new firmware V2.1.1


Hello Tim, we are really sorry about that problem. It is not available to retrieve highlights and other scribbles after factory reset, but you could only add new scribbles on the books. And we will forward this request to our R&D to follow up.


Hello Claire
I would like to know if you are planning to fix this issue or it is a difficult problem to be resolved. As I said before, this is one of the most serious concerns raised by my BOOX club members. No one would want any possibility of losing highlights and scribbles. For me, the reason for buying Max was the function of highlights and scribbles.But if they cannot be retrieved with their books after the factory reset, it is a serious problem to me. Thanks. Claire.


Hello, we shall apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause. We have forwarded this big problem to our R&D department to follow up and we take it seriously. Our relative colleagues are keep working on this problem and it will be fixed in the near future.


First of all thank you for your answer. :+1:

  • I use more the format book “.Epub” or “.mobi” so it is not possible to use Reflow which works only with pdf format.

Do you mean the touch screen when the screen is off? If yes, it is not available according to our relative colleagues.

  • With the screen off, i thought than when I listen to music or audiobooks, I need to leave the TTS, screen must is ON = the batteries will discharge too quickly.

  • I’m a little disappointed, but I don’t regret my purchase.

  • Already, when I ordered Nova PRO, I should also receive “With Cover” , i received that Onyx Nova reader but nothing more.

  • Can not see “details of a book” ePub or PDF is pretty annoying.
    * I am obliged to look for the description for the books on the internet. Under all my other “eReader”
    the description function, not only for books coming from a store. (except kindle)

  • Seen the price, I thought that with the screen of “7.8” will be better optimized for ePUB books. The reading is quite minimalist in display, it is not possible to display anything more than the page number.
    * Unfortunately, NOVA tends to slip out of hands, which makes it necessary to use both hands at the cost of comfort and leaving distinctive fingerprints on the body. Very basic CSS. Even the basics like ‘text-shadow’ function not.

  • For PDF using or the notes is excellent and Unbeatable !
    But for readers like me for ePUB book readers is not the best choice. (here I would really give a little attention from your side :slight_smile: )
    With NeoReader 3.0 I have the “line-spacing” too big, even adjusted to the minimum. With NeoRedaer 2.0.1 the display and “line-spacing” is better. The entire view of the book (for all me books) seems to be simplified and does not display CSS correctly.

  • I hope that with version 2.0.2 the TTS would not be removed from NeoReader, because it would be the last drop in the mud.

Because it would be “The straw that broke the camel’s back”. Why buy BOOX Onyx, if I have to use third party application If I bought BOOX Nova PRO this, because I believed that the quality of Software would be at the height of the price.

  • But we will see with time. I believe it maybe it will get better with time. For now I use only for PDF once a week. For reading books (ePub), for now I’m not convinced with NeoReader.

Thank you again for your responsiveness and exemplary service:clin d’œil:

Your loyal customer Michal


Hello. I have a question. I hope I may use this reply space to ask it. I use an android app called “Press Reader.” Every time I download a newspaper – my Onyx Boox Max2 has a pop up window that then asks “Send email” and it shows “add dropbox” and “one drive”, which are obviously not email programs. Also, I am unsure if it is for the overall device or if it is connected to ‘press reader’ somehow. I am unsure why Press Reader would request this. Any ideas what is going on?


Hello Michal, thank you for your feedback with many details.

You could go to Formats-Spacing Style-Line Spacing to adjust the line space for ePub books. At the same time, we will forward the request to our R&D Department to follow up. Onyx Boox will keep working to make Epub books reading experience better in the future.

As for the TTS function, we will forward the request of possible TTS function when the screen is off our R&D colleagues to follow up. We will keep you updated.

Per our colleagues, the “book details” for those books which do not come from Shop are not possible so far.
Hope you could understand that.


Hello, could you kindly check the settings with your One Drive, Dropbox, and Email account? Have you ever set automatically synchronization for these Apps?


Yes I understand, thank you very much once again. I got a clear answer to all my questions.
And I apologize for my English. (certainly it is not easy for you to lie.)


I’ve had the navigation ball disappear on me (max). I had it up near the top of the screen, just to the left of the time.

It’s possible that I accidentally swiped it off the top of the screen.

It should be possible to lock the location of the navigation ball, and it should be possible to reset the location to the default


Please, add binding to google drive, yandex.disk, cloud and maybe Mega and Amazon drive to the note settings for sync and backups.
It’s very an important feature.


Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have discussed this with our relative colleagues about whether to lock the location of the navigation ball before. It will make some areas unable to read on your device if the location of the navigation ball is locked and it needs to reset the location to make it readable on the device. That will be more complicated. Therefore, it is better to make the navigation ball move freely by users.


Thank you for your valuable suggestions. So far, we only have four kinds of account available for Sync and Backups. We will take this seriously and make more ways available in the near future.


you could make a long-press on the nav ball bring up the config page that would let someone unlock it.


I am unsure about synchronization; I do not believe so. I use gmail for email, but I do not know why it asks me “Send email” – and only shows the two cloud storage apps.


Our R&D colleagues have no idea about this problem so far. Could you please try to uninstall the App from Play Store and redownload one later?


Ok. The app is called “Press Reader” it is the number one reasons why I bought Max2. Of course, other reasons as well (including being able to open all the different formats of texts). However, I love to read the papers on it via Press Reader. But, it is just a bit annoying that it always asks about “sending email”.


I have the same experience with line spacing in 2.1.2 firmware (it was the same in 2.0.1) and what I noticed it depends on font you use. Some fonts even for minimum settings have line spacing too large, some doesn’t have this problem. The worst thing is that after I reported it, provided sample EPUB and font and I showed support team how it looks in comparison with KOreader for example, I was told that they don’t think such small line spacing is very good and they prefer to keep ‘suitable’ minimum line spacing. The answer surprised me to be honest because for me adjusting line spacing is basic thing and there’s definitely some rendering issue in Neoreader if it’s possible in other readers using the same font. Claire, are you able to re-discuss this with your colleagues to reconsider fixing this issue? I would be grateful.


Dear, sorry about that problem. Could you kindly provide the sample EPUB to us? We will push the R&D department again on our side if the that spacing is really large.


Sure. Here is the link to zip file where I included EPUB, font, screenshot in Neoreader 3.0 and screenshot in KOreader. I’ll attach those screenshots also here so everybody can see what I mean and compare. By the way it’s not only line spacing which is large but also word spacing is big, so that’s another problem. Just compare those two screenshots.

Neoreader 3.0:



Please, smaller fonts, like almost half of the smallest right now.

Also, please add 2 columns reading for epubs on portrait, and 4 columns on landscape so we can read things like if they were a paper, much faster and comfortable