Show book series/series index in library views

I can’t figure out how or if I can show the series information in the library views. ie. for each book I’d like to see what series it belongs to (if any) and what index in that series. This metadata is part of the books because I can see it when I use 3rd-party reading apps; I just don’t know how to configure the boox library views to show it. Any help?



Plus one on this, and in using other metadata in sorting and filtering. Genre, series, tags, etc. As the original poster said, the metadata is there, just unused.

I agree it’s very annoying that you can’t list your books properly.

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I agree, but their are 3rd party tools out there that work well at getting around this, like running a Calibre server, or using a non-native library manager/reader.

The benefits of Android are plenty.