Side button on stylus not working

I just received a brand new Note Pro today, and in general it is everything I hoped for and more.

BUT there is an issue - the button on the side of the stylus, which is supposed to activate erase mode, doesn’t do anything (most of the time). The eraser on the back of the stylus works fine, and selecting the erase function in the navigation menu works, but the button does not. I’ve tried fiddling with different angles and pressures and maybe 1 out of 10 times it erases (with no discernible pattern), but the rest of the times it just writes normally.

It’s not a huge deal because I can still erase other ways, but the button is a feature I really like. Has anyone else had this problem?

Update, in case anyone else stumbles on this issue: apparently the pen just needed to warm up or calibrate itself or something, because after about 24 hours it started working fine. Still not sure what happened, but the problem seems to be fixed!

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Sorry for the late reply here. Glad to hear that it has been fixed already. Please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device if this problem happens again.