Side note - always back to page 1


Current behaviour:
1 - I am on the page 10 of an PDF, and I start taking notes.
2 - I take notes up to page 7 (7 pages of notes for the page 10 of the PDF)
3 - I move to the page, let’s say, 12 of the PDF (or any other age it doesn’t really matter)
4 - Now I go back to the page 10 of the PDF, I will be on of page 1 of the notes, I will have to change back to page 7 on the notes.

Wanted behaviour:
In step 4 I would like to find the notes in the page were I left off, and not on the page 1, every time, that really bothers me, I change pages all time while I am taking side notes.


Hello, could you kindly provide the build number (find out at Settings/ About Device) to us?


Hi Claire,

Here it is: 2018-12-26_18-59_2.0.1_0d1b2fc


Hello, thank you for your feedback. Per our colleague, this will be fixed in the latest firmware 2.1.2 and it will be released soon. Please be patient.


That is very nice to know. :slight_smile: