Sidenotes pdf text too small


When I use the sidenotes, a double-column pdf is squeezed in the half-space, rendering the text unreadable. In the sidenotes mode, is there a way to change the navigation/format of the pdf just like what we do for the regular pdf reading/annotation? For example, can we use the “Article Mode” for the pdf file when using sidenotes? Thank you. My device is max2 pro.


Dear, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox first. We will forward this request to our relative colleagues to evaluate first. And you are suggested to use the “Reflow” function to adjust the font size first and then goes into the sidenote mode, which will give a better visual experience.


Sorry that your method doesn’t work. Once you select sidenote, it exits the reflow mode (basically any other modes) and the pdf display always returns to the default format. My pdf is 2-column, so the font size in the pdf is tiny in the sidenote mode. This is really frustrating.


Thank you for your feedback. You could pinch to zoom in to make the text readable in sidenote mode. We will forward your request of changing the format to our R&D department to evaluate the possibilities.