Slow / failed startup

Lately my Boox Note has been having problems starting and suspending.
Symptoms: sometimes the ONYX logo will appear superimposed on the loading screen.
Sometimes instead of turning off, the previously shown text will be onscreen but the device is unresponsive. Pressing the power button lets the ONYX logo appear superimposed on this.
It hangs at this stage. I have to lean on the power button for a long time a few times, then finally boot succeeds (the “Starting up” bar appears).
Last time I put the Note in my backpack, and when I reached inside a couple of hours later, the Note was hot and had drained the battery from ~80% to 42%.

Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms?

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Try plugging the charger in and reboot,if it can run normally then your battery is dead and can’t crank out enough voltage anymore.

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It always starts up fine eventually. It just has these false starts where it gets stuck in a twilight zone state. The battery normally retains power just fine. I’ve only caught it heating up my backpack once, though I have found it stuck in a twilight zone state (showing last display, but unresponsive) multiple times. In such cases, when I notice it, I’ve leaned on the power button until it restarts.

Yeah, I have the same problem.
This is the aging battery problem most likely :frowning:
I sent the message to the support:

I have an issue. The display freezes and does not response sometimes. Then I try to reboot turning power button, but just ONYX appears on the screen and I can’t power on/off the device. The device powers on if I connect to the power, although a battery is not empty. the note, fw 2.1.2.

And I’ve received:

it’s not firmware’s problem , it’s the hardware , cannot solve by update.

How long do you have the device?
And you should change the title from slow/failed startup to aging/drain battery problem.

My symptoms looks similar, except that I never need to connect the device to power in order to boot. It always boots up OK if I lean on the power button a few times.
Also, I don’t simply see ONYX appear: I see it appear superimposed on the power-off screen. If I lean on the power button a few times, the screen goes blank, ONYX appears on the blank screen, and boot-up proceeds normally.
I think the battery drain event that I experienced was due to the device not shutting down properly before I put it in my backpack.

It happened again this morning. I use the Note to take notes in meetings. I spent the entire (short) meeting waiting for the Note to boot successfully. Finally as the meeting ended, the Note started booting. :sweat:

Please kindly submit all information needed in this Service Request Form and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

I managed to do a factory reset. This deleted the data on my device (luckily I had backed up the Notes), but kept the latest firmware.
The device started up normally once, but now I tried to start it again, and it’s back with the ONYX logo showing up over the “Power off” screen. I long-pressed, and now it’s booting. But now the screen has the wrong orientation! It started up in Landscape mode! First time I’ve seen it do that …

It is so weir. :confounded:Please kindly submit all information needed in this Service Request Form 2 and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

“Your request was successfully submitted.” :ok_hand:

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