Small bug on the line tool


The line tool doesn’t work when my hands are touching the screen, see the video here.


Please try to disable the finger touch on the status bar first.:grinning:


Hey Claire, hi!
Should the finger touch interfere with drawing with the stylus? The pencil and brush tools are not affected by the touch, for example. What would be the reason for other drawing tools to behave differently? I noticed the same behaviour with other tools, maybe there is something I am missing here.


It is quiet weir. Could you kindly provide a video to illustrate the problem when you enable the finger touch on your device?


I have just noticed that the problem only happens on the side notes, on the notes app it doesn’t happen.
The pencil and brush tool work fine when I am touching the screen on both the notes app and the side notes.
Tools like, square, triangle, line and circle work when hands touch the screen only on the note app.
It should be easy to reproduce. :slight_smile:

Here are the videos you asked:
video 1
video 2



Hello, thank you for your feedback. Per our colleagues, it will be fixed in the latest firmware 2.1.2. Please kindly update to the latest one when it is available.


Hi Claire, cool, thanks!
Have a great week. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!:grinning: