Smallest font size epub books


Maybe someone knows.

I do a lot of reading on my Nova Pro device. When reading a epub book I noticed that most books are displayed with a rather large fontsize. Changing the font size, line spacing etc results into a nice readible page. However the minimum font size is still rather high (as it looks to me).

Can this be influenzed such that the minimum font size of a epub book can be smaller ?
Or is the minimum font size defined by the Nova Pro or the Neoreader app ?
If so, can you please change this to a smaller value ?


Hi @fredcl
Fonts build into the device are not very good. Download your own favorite fonts, make some test and you will end happy :smile:.


Hi Ramon,

Thanks for your reply. Can you point me to better font sets to download ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @fredcl
Is not difficult to find free fonts on Internet. Just search for “ebook fonts” or “ereader fonts” and you will find several.
For example here
Just download some place in the font folder and do some tests until you find the one you like.
I use Bookerly bold.


Hi @Ramon

Thanks for the info, I will try to install these fonts


@Ramon (and all)

I created a “fonts” directory, copied some fonts and re-started the Nova Pro device. The fonts appeared nicely within the EN tab of the overview. They are also nicely displayed in my book (eg Bookerly). However still the problem remains, the minimum size you can scale down is still rather large. Any idea how to enable smaller font sizes ? or is this a given built in the font type as such, which means that I just have to keep on searching if I like to have a smaller font ?


Hello, we will forward the request for smaller font size to our relative colleagues to follow up.