[Solved] Device takes ages to open after recent firmware update!


Since I updated the firmware to 2020-12-02_08-23_3.0_f8d676e, the OS of my Note Pro takes many minutes to load since I turn in on from power-off status (not sleep) or reboot. If I press the Task Manager button on the top-right hand corner, it shows the following “ContentBrowser” app:

And guess what, if I try to close it by pressing on “x”, nothing happens. I only need to wait. When the OS finally loads, it prompts me with a new message “Process system isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” but either I press Wait or OK, it loads properly. To be fair, this “message” also appeared (occasionally) before the firmware update, but the OS would load immediately.

What is wrong? Can you PLEASE release a new firmware with the fix? Leaving the device constantly on sleep mode and draining the battery is not a practical option.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It seems I found a solution. In the Settings/Applications menu, I ticked on “Freeze the third-party Apps in the background by default” and “Automatically update the Optimization Config of third-party Apps” and it now loads properly!