" Solved, works ! " BOOX Nova Pro - USB-C to AUDIO adapter?

Hello everyone :star_struck:

  • It is possible to use an adapter, to connect earphones to listen to audio books?
  • My reader : BOOX Onyx NOVA PRO
  • I buy and test several (three), but none has worked.
    * Also with Realtek Noise Chips/DAC, but nothing works. So I wonder if it’s technically possible or not…

So, it is possible to use a USB-C to Audio jack adapter to output the audio except the bluettoth?

Thanks in advance.

I think this is connected to

I have the same experience. I tried the Apple USB audio dongle, and while there is a headphone symbol shown in the title bar, no audio is emitted and an Android USB OTG application indicates no device connected. I personally would love the USB adudio working as well.

Hi Bub
It is successful user walking audio with a simple adapter.
Maybe with a little luck it will work :star_struck:

*I test 2 adapt with DAC, it does not work


-I tested several adapter with DAC etc but no market.
-Today I tried quite ordinary and worked immediately.

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Is that one of those cheap eBay adapters? I ordered two of those a while back for my phone but they didn’t work. Would be awesome if they do work on my Nova Pro.


  • Try the file of some ordinary adapter without DAC or Hi-res. Wasted on some expensive adapters, which I do not work the same way. In my case, only the “passive adapter” worked.
  • How this “RYGHT OSIS”

I’m glad I found this thread when I did. Like I said I ordered two cheap 3.5mm jack to USB-C adapters from eBay a while back. They didn’t work on my phone so last weekend when I was cleaning I threw them out. Luckily I hadn’t taken out the trash yet so I was able to dig them out of my waste bin just now :sweat_smile:
They work perfectly! Thank you!

Also, I can confirm that DAC’s don’t work: I already tried with a Fiio Q1 Mark II and nothing happened.

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I can confirm that. A cheap passive adapter works with earphones, USB DAC (Apple dongle) does not work with Nova, while it works with some Lenovo laptop.

While the cheap passive adapter works with earphones, microphone input seems to NOT work.