Some annotations are shown in PDF file but not printed!


I made annotations in PDF file using Max2.
I exported it and checked it in Acrobat DC.
It seems not wrong.

But when I print it, the annotations and highlights which were made through Max2 are not printed normally.
How can I fix it?

The alternatives are (1)flattening and printing pdf, or (2) making pdf to pngs and printing.
But I don’t want to do these things like flattening and making pngs.

Same problem occurs below.



As I’ve discussed in the mobileread thread, the issue is that the Max2’s export function does not set the ‘print’ flag for annotations. According to the PDF specification, annotations only print if their print flag is set to ‘true’. The failure to set this flag is clearly a bug - there is no good reason to make annotations unprintable, and I hope Onyx will fix the bug in the next release of its firmware.

Anyway, if you have Acrobat Pro, you can run a simple script to set the print flag to ‘true’. Open Javascript Console, and run the following two lines of code (copy and past it into the Javascript console, select it all, and then hit ctrl-enter):

var annots = this.getAnnots()
for (var i = 0; i < annots.length; i++)
annots[i].setProps({print: true});