Some question regarding Note Pro function

  1. What is the push & sync (wechat) under the account setting used for?
    I have logged in. but i have no idea how to use it and what to use it for.

  2. What is Regal refresh mode?
    The only thing i noticed when enabling it, is a longer delay during page turn.
    How is it different from the Animation Timeout setting?

  3. Is there a way to sync the reading progress between different boox devices?


Below are the answers to your question:

  1. It is used for transferring and syncing documents between your computer and your Boox. When you log in the Wechat account and make sure that your phone or computer and your Boox connect to the same Wifi account, you could scan the QR code to transfer and sync the documents.

2)Regal refresh mode is a kind of normal refresh mode which is different from the A2 mode( fast refresh mode). Generally speaking, there are no instinct difference between them.

  1. So far, it is impossible to sync the reading progress between different Boox devices and we will forward this to our relative colleagues.