Some questions from a new user!


Hi there, just bought the Nova Pro and am (mostly) in love with it! Just have some questions for you guys :smiley:

  1. Is it possible to disable the physical back button? I keep accidentally pressing it with my wrist when writing.
  2. Is it possible to change the default settings for the Note app toolbar? I’d like to start in pencil mode with a different line width than 2. I’d also like to disable touch input by default.

I’ve only played with Note for a short time so I’ll edit or reply if I have any more questions, thanks!


I also like my Nova Pro. In respect to your questions are my findings following.

To my knowledge is it not possible to de-activate the physical back button.
It seems also to be not possible to change the default within the Note app for the different settings. However if you change the settings within one note, the setting info is saved and will be available as default for that note the next time you open the note.

It would be nice if you can change the default settings within the Note app.


Hello, thank you for your support to us first. It is impossible to disable the physical back button on Nova Pro. So far, the default settings could not be changed.