Some suggestion for better Boox PR

Few things I noticed so far that if fixed, I think might give Boox a far much better publicity

  • Your website isn’t secured with SSL? this is become internet standard for any authentic website; seeing that there is no https makes me feel it is non-professional website by any means.
  • Better engineering culture, some of the replies I saw when people post about problems they have “we tried this on our machine and it works”. This doesn’t seem like the way of debugging production issues, because your machine isn’t the production machine, it is just your machine. You need to figure out means to collect diagnose data (after user consent) from the users when things are not working so you can have better understanding of what’s going on.
  • Your firmwares are shared on Google Drive? Again gives the impression that this whole Boox business is not professional and not a real deal

These are not critiques, these are just my impression which I believe can help Boox build better public reputation


Hello, thank you so much for your kind suggestions and we will make improvements in the future. Let us make Boox better.

Agreed, this also relates to many requests for a more open developer ecosystem, which implies adoption of best practices such as public CI, signed releases, open PR review process, etc.
Onyx make great hardware, they should not shoulder the burden of software development and maintenance by themselves. Even Microsoft realized they can’t do it alone (,,
Neoreader Bug Opening from External Apps
Wishes for the next firmware update

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Open sourcing isn’t a magic wand, sometime it can be unhealthy for a developing startup. However, it is obvious that the engineering at Boox, while they are building awesome stuff, they might use some constructive feedback to do even better

I fully agree with you, it is definitely a process with its own challenges. It can be done in many different ways as well — e.g. that csharplang repo I linked states “only submit a proposal as a pull request if invited to do so by a member of the Language Design Team (a “champion”).” It certainly doesn’t need to entail giving up control.
In the end it’s about figuring out how to best harness the input of the community.

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