Split-screen functionality extended to all apps

Hello Onyx.
It’s not a new wish, but with Android 9 on Max3 and Note2, it would be spectacular to have split screen functionality extended to all apps, as on all Android 9 devices.

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Wholeheartedly agree! This would take productivity and effectivity up 10 fold!

Yes, the split-screen function for other 3-party Apps would be available in the near future. Please be patient.

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That would be awesome. :+1:
Thanks a lot in advance.

I second this! Glad to hear it’s on the way.

Would this allow us to see 2 different Note files on either side of the split screen? I often find I want to reference notes that I have taken previously while working, but switching between files is not super quick or convenient - if the split screen allows two different Note files to be shown (as well as two different apps) that would be perfect!

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Greetings, I recently purchased a Boox Max 3 and while the device fulfill many of my needs, it doesn’t currently support split screen and I am considering returning the boox max 3. Is there any update on supporting split screen on the boox max 3?

Thank you for your time.

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Our R&D team is working on this and hope it would be available in the near future.