Split screen in Neoreader

At the moment, the split screen feature in Neoreader, where the device displays (in landscape mode) a page of a document on one side, and handwritten notes on the other side, is unusable for me - simply because I am left-handed.

The handwritten notes are always on the right, and the document on the left. As a result, if I want to write, my palm will almost always touch the left-handed side of the screen and be registered; plus, my hand hides the document on the left.

A simple option to switch sides, and display the document on the right and the notes on the left, would solve much - at least for me.

(Of course, more advanced split screen options, where one could display two different documents, or even two different apps, would be even better - but in the constraints of just Neoreader and handwritten notes, just the option to switch the left and right sides would really help)

Hi, thank you for your kind suggetion. Our R&D team are working on this problem, we may release a new firmware version in the near future to make the sidenote function also be suitable for left-handed people.

Since it’s been two years, I would like to know if the problem is fixed? It’s really annoying for left-handers. Thanks!