Stylus is too thin to hold comfortable while writing, please recommend

I just bought a Nova Pro and is satisfied with my decision except one little thing that is the Stylus is too thin for me to hold it comfortably while writing,
Is there a third party that is compatible or the stylus from Boox itself for a sell that is actually a little thicker in the pen shaft, so it is more comfortable for writing?

There’s a thread here about the Lamy EMR pen, it seems to be pretty good with my Nova Pro.

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Also unhappy with the thinness (and the unsteadiness of the tip) of the default pen that came with my Note, I’ve been using the reMarkable stylus for about a year and a half, and have been super happy with it. (I’m on my second tip at the moment, and it comes with 8 or so extras).
Note that it doesn’t have an eraser, so if you need that feature, you might want to pick another one.

I read this thread about the Lamy, bought it and…

It works perfectly!! The nibs from the original stylus (the thin one) fits perfectly! I’m very happy, and it only costs €45,- in the Netherlands. The reMarkable is more expensive…

I only have to change the holder. It does not fit… Even the erase button works.

I’m glad it worked out! If u have the standard Nova Pro case, then you can kinda make it fit if you shove the clip in. Definitely not sustainable, tho.

Honestly, the case does what it’s meant to, but I’ve tried recently found myself amazed with how light the Nova Pro itself really is without the case. I pretty frequently find myself wrenching it out of the case to use it now, so I honestly might consider getting a sleeve or something for it instead.

This isn’t really a compliment for the Nova Pro, I mean light tablets aren’t new, it’s more of a disappointment with the case. It really is heavy lol