Stylus replacements


I use my Nova Pro a lot to sketch. The nib is running out so I have to replace.
What nibs are suitable for this stylus?
Also I’m not very happy with this stylus. I try to use my old Wacom bamboo stylus but doesn’t work.
So not all Wacom stylus works. Which ones will?




Next to my Nova Pro do I own a Samsung Tab S3 tablet. The stylus for this tablet works nicely with the Boox Nova Pro and is of better quality (feel-wise). Only disadvantage is that it misses the button on top, only has the button at the side for erasing.
I did read that all styli used on Samsung Note and Tab S3/S4 series can be used.


The Samsung Note pen works fine. But I prefer the Onyx pen for the Max2. It is bigger and the harder tip feels more natural on the plastic screen (while on the other hand the softer Samsung tip works better on the glass screen of the phone).


I’ve heard that the remarkable pens work, but haven’t seen one to test
recent samsung note pens work as well (8/9/10) so it’s very possible that they all will work

I find the samsung pens very small to work with, but it seems impossible to buy a Onyx pen and I want while the remarkable pen looks good, at $80 it’s pretty pricey.


Onyx used to sell the pen separately. I don’t know why they removed it.
But since Onyx simple uses Wacom technology, any Wacom pen would work, I bet.


unfortunately it doesn’t seem as if any Wacom pen will work, and they haven’t answered the repeated questions about which ones will :frowning:


What about this?


Yes, this will work well.


buy an other pen just to change the nib?
it is not very economical… can’t we buy only the nib rather than the whole stylus?

if i have a flat tyre i wish i don’t have to buy a new car


Actually you can. Same shop.


Strange, my Wacom Bamboo stylus works fine on the MaxPro 2. Maybe a different screen technology?