Stylus writing on boox note


I have a boox note pro. Why does the handwriting on boox look like a caricature drawn by a 3-year-old kid? When I wrote on galaxy note tablet or ipad, I had a totally different experience. Is there any app or setting that can help improve the handwriting?


I think this thread may help you with the writing problem.


Dear Claire,
thank you for this suggestion.
I don’t think that is the reason.
There are several people in the forum reporting about this issue.
It is just that the drawings are pixelated. It is rather about the smoothing of lines
than about the input.

Might, for example, also be related to this thread: Please save the scribbles as Ink, not PolyLine

Will try to make a picture and show you.



@claire: Here I attach some samples from the blurred/pixelated annotations with the pen.
For comparison, I add the same from a competing product (which has many other issues ;-)) where this problem does not exist.
Onyx is always the upper one in the pictures on a Note Pro with 2.1.2.
In one of the pictures I have also selected some writing for you to see the difference between the two types of saving annotations. Onyx seems to save them as individual small lines while the other as objects.

You can clearly see that my handwriting is much more readable and nice looking in the other device. This is what we need for the great Onyx devices too!

PS: You will need to save the pictures and look at them with a 100% scale to see the full problem.



Hello Denis, noted with thanks! Will forward this to our R&D department and will keep you updated.


Yes very much agree here
This also bothered me from the beginning
I think no matter the input there should be a path smoothing algorithm indeed
(as long as it doesn’t add lag - or apply smoothing when writing finished)