Suggestions for next firmware update



I’d like to suggest two new features for the next firmware update:

  1. Author and title metadata for .pdf, .mobi and .epub file formats are readable by Boox but .docx and .djvu are not. Please make metadata readable for .docx and .djvu file formats, too. Many ebooks, especially old ones, are available in those formats. Converting .docx to .pdf prevents you from writing on them while converting .djvu files to .pdf is not really an option since the created .pdf files can be 5 to 10 times bigger in size.

  2. Non-system apps like Evernote, Pocket and Google News show texts in bold. For some fonts, the produced text in bold is very hard to read. Please make this feature able to be deselected.

  3. Please, if possible, add a device activation password or drawing pattern like in tablets and mobiles.



Hello Vasilis, sorry for the late reply here.

Your kind suggestions here are highly appreciated.

  1. We will forward this to our relative colleagues.

  2. We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues and will keep you updated.

  3. PIN is available on Onyx Boox device now, and we will consider to add the drawing patter.

  • The ability to display only the page number seems to me on the device in a few hundred $ very weak.

  • Even the cheapest devices, can show at least% of reading (or the remaining pages in the chapter or book), information about the book. Onyx book information is only available for books purchased from the Onyx store.
    *I would certainly like to support “Pseudo-classes” for CSS.


Hey there !
Loving my nova pro, but there are a few things I’d like implemented :

  • The possibility, when you select a word in an ebook, to modify the selection with the keyboard / select only part of the word (I read in Russian, and dictionnaries only reckognize one form of the word, which forces me to go to the dictionnary app and type the word in the singular, nominative, masculine form. I wish I could type in the right ending for the word in the reader app).

  • It would be great if we could swich between the note and the reader app as part of the tab system - you can switch between 4 different documents you’re reading, but you can’t switch that way to a note you are currently editing, that I know of.
    Thank you for paying attention to costument feedback !


Hi all,

I’ve just got a Note Pro and I’m impressed and find it’s a little better than the Likebook Alita which I sent back. There’s a few things I think that are needed in the firmware though

  1. Pin / passcode / pattern unlock screen. I can’t find where to enable this in fact I can’t find the standard Android settings app only the limited settings as part of the launcher. When it’s setup, it has access to my mail, my google docs etc - so I need a lock screen.

  2. Proper landscape support. So I can install a rotation control app and switch it into landscape mode but then the launcher doesn’t change even though the apps are now running in landscape. I know I can read in landscape, but this device is so much more useful than reading. It would be good to have an orientation widget in the status bar which you just click to switch between portrait and landscape.

  3. More pens on the notes app. The notes app is actually really good but you can’t use it for sketching because the pens are always maximum intensity although the thickness changes dependent on pressure. Can we have a pencil or charcoal where transparency depends on pressure so we can shade to different levels ? Also can we have a calligraphy pen with a flat nib like 1.0 or 1.1mm italic nib ?

Thanks, it’s a great device though - fast and usable !


Hi Claire,

I hadn’t seen the PIN option in Onyx until now. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

  1. Pin / passcode / pattern unlock screen. I can’t find where to enable this

Go to Settings, press the right arrow key on the top which lies next to NotePro description and then select Screen Lock Pin Code.


Thanks for pointing that out, I thought it was just info on that page !


You’re welcome. Yeah, I’d thought the same, too.


when I am on a beach in an island like Linosa and there is no wi-fi it would be very convenient to connect the USB memory with all my books and comics.
Can you activate the USB memory card reading?