Suggestions for next firmware update


Yes, we maintain a list of requested features from end-users and will forward them to our R&D team. They will further discuss and evaluate the feasibility of these suggestions.

News: The new firmware V2.2 will be released in November and changelog will be published before the normal release of the new firmware.


We do appreciate every suggestion from our customers, not only those must-have features, but also those “nice to haves”. The new firmware will be released in November. Please be patient.


with the new firmware uprade will also have OS upgrade to anddroid 9.0?


Per our colleagues, the new firmware and Android version update will be released separately.

Android upgrade?

We can expect fw next month, but when can we expect android upgrade?


I would like to have scribble notes in epub books in a future release. That would be a great enhancement. Is this even possible?


Per our colleagues, the Android update will be later. May be in Dec.


We are sorry to inform you that we need to further check with our relative colleagues about this feature.


Thank you, Claire! Please let me know the result.


I would love to have the ability:

1/ to use a wired keyboard (i.e. enabling USB-OTG) — even if this requires a powered hub

2/ I have a usb-c flash drive which I would like to connect as well

3/ to set screen rotation at any time (some apps seem to allow it).


I suggest:
-NeoReader/Notes apps visible in Task Manager (now it’s hidden)
-fix AI text recognition in Notes app (now it mixes words between different lines)
-allow apps to start on boot
-add a shortcut to Android default settings app
-export notes to other software like OneNote so that they are editable (or is this possible already?)


Those features you have mentioned is available on Boox Max 3 already. We are not sure about whether these would be available on Note Pro or other devices with the firmware update.


Please at least fix AI!

Another feature may be automatic zoom in content for each PDF page in NeoReader: right now navigation mode->more settings automatically scans the current page and zooms too fit content. It even allows to differentiate between left and right pages.
However sometimes PDF scans are messy and margins are not the same: so what about making it work on every page?


It will be so good if you improve .djvu format reading. Now there is no text slayer (even if it is integrated into .djvu book), no bookmarks from the content page. So, now we can’t use the text search in this format. I think, that it is not very hard to add these functions because we have a lot of .djvu readers with these functions.


Hello. I would like to ask, if there is going to be more features for drawing in Note app? Or maybe if there is going to be dedicated sketching/ drawing?

The current Note app does not have such features as:
-shades of gray
-zoom option
-fill-in tool
-select and move ect.,
-better eraser.
It still has great features for writing though. It would make more artist to buy this device I think. Drawings can be made on current Note app but it can be done on old ms-paint as well. It just feels too limiting and time-consuming.


Noted with thanks. Our R&D team are working on these features.