Syncing all content of my Note Pro with a cloud service



I was wondering if there is a way to sync the entire folder structure of “Storage” with i.e. google drive, one drive or similar?

I would like to be able to drop a epub or a pdf file on my cloud storage and see it popping up in my Note Pro.

At the same time I would love that annotated PDF, Notes (converted to PDF) and similar content automatically uploaded from the Note pro to my cloud service.

Of course all the above only if I have activated wifi.

So far I am using integration with evernote, which is good but only limited to Notes



I don’t know about all of storage, but I use Resilio Sync to sync my reading folder between desktops and my Note Pro.

Works great.



The “reading folder” you mention, is the folder where you have all your ebook?
What it’s your strategy for backup and recovery of the entire Note Pro should you loose it or should it malfunction?


It’s possible to use Resilio Sync to back up the Storage directory, which is one up from the reading folder. I don’t think one could backup the root.

I just have apps and my reading material and I’d reinstall the apps if needed.