Taking too long to Highlight pdfs


I just got the boox Max 3 and find highlighting too cumbersome. Is there a way to do highlights like the sony digital paper?

It takes too long to long tap and then select. Or am I missing a selectable highlight tool?


I agree. The switch between highlight, underline and scribble should be quick and by tap of a button on the top or bottom menu. The PDF reader in max 3 is such a handicap for highlight and underline. There should be an option to set the stylus for highlight or underline as default just like they currently have it for scribble.


I strongly support this request. Highlighting is a key function for working with pdfs for me as well and the Max3 could be the perfect tool for that. Simply add two more choices (comparable to the enable enable/disable pen) for highlighting and underlining and some people would be happy :wink:
Btw.: I noticed, that when opening a pdf with annotations made on the Max3 in Acrobat Reader, the annotations are by “Max3”. Where can I configure my name to be used as author of anotations?


Don’t know if devs from max 3 actually look at these posts. Hope they come out with the highlight and underline soon !!


Don’t know either, but from what I read so far I got the impression, that @claire kind of cares for transferring user needs to the right people at Onyx. Fingers crossed that this works in this case as well.


The max 3 as it is currently is useless. For any academic work, you need to be able to highlight quickly. The usability really is not there.

Does anyone know of any android app that is quick and able to highlight? This is my android device; I know good apps on iOS but not in android.


Xodo app is pretty good. I use it in Android windows and apple. It’s free. Some tweaking required in settings, then it’s smooth. Only issue is you will still see a lag when you scribble. The stylus is just not as responsive as it is in the inbuilt neo reader app. Even after the “update”.


I tried XODO but it was too slow and the lag on the stylus was driving me insane. I am going to email the support to ask them to add the feature. I think we should all do the same.


This is the reply I got from their support.

We are sorry to inform you that this feature is not available on Boox device so far. Meanwhile, we have forwarded this request to our R&D team to follow up. May you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

Maybe if more people contacted them directly…


Yeah I also suggested a while ago, a highlight mode similar to Xodo :frowning:
Word-based selection instead of letter-based would be much easier


I really don’t like the handles that show up. I just want a tool that does what an actual highlighter would do. It would be really easy to implement.


The handles are annoying.

The next part of the problem is that if you open the PDF file from a cloud service like box, any edits made will not sync. Unlike xodo, where the edits are uploaded in real time. I spoke about that to the team, they blandly refused to budge. I’m very unhappy :pensive:. I spent almost 900 bucks on this, and the outcome is dismal. Very frustrating.


Yes, we all spent a lot of bucks on our Onyx devices for some reasons. But I thinks it’s better to keep thinks separated. Adding the highlighting feature to the reader is one thing, that Onyx definitly needs to do in the short term since there is no workaround. For the synchronisation issue, Apps like DriveSync might be a solution.


Claire seems to be a rep from Boox. Hopefully she respond.

I agree that Boox’s way of highlighting is a serious issue - especially for academic reading.

It is just taking way too long. Highlighting is such a fundamental annotation tool that she have no friction in the workflow.


Hi guys, I tried to visualize my ideas for improved highlighting.


I already sent it to onyx via device feedback function but the answer was not the enthusiastic. So, what do you think? Would that be what you need as well or are there more ideas to make highlighting more efficient.


I think this is an excellent idea, and can be easily incorporated. The told are already there. They just need shuffling. Good thinking !!!

We all should start some petition , lol. :wink:


I think you did good work here. Frankly, anything better than what it is now. Start the petition and I’ll sign it.


Nice idea and prototype sketch. I hope they add it. Boox is a good product, but could be better. I hope they listen to customer feedback for how to make an even better product. They would win because more people would be satisfied and more people would buy it!


Thanks to all supporting the proposal. If anybody knows how to start a petition, I would sign it :wink:


Click on feedback on the reader (I think it is in help or support) and let them know. This is driving me crazy - I miss my sony dpt-rp1