Tell us what you like and what you do not like about the new version software


Hi , I’m really enjoying the new sw version.
But still there are some problems.
Many other users have already reported issues.
So I wanna request just one thing.
I draw with boox note a lot. I don’t expect many features because it’s not a drawing tablet.
But could you add softer stroke feature? The pressure sensor just changes the width. But i need more transparent lines. Thank you


You need a global switch for landscape/portrait mode, not just on software, but everything like a normal android device.
PIN screen lock/unlock


My suggestions are to improve the software for your already very good hardware. Most people buying a Boox Max 2 are probably artistically minded one way or another, so I suggest:

  1. Handwriting recognition with an ability to learn from mistakes.
  2. Musical notations (drag and drop clefs, notes, other notation)
  3. Copy and paste of pen drawings etc. into other documents.

for the author, musician and artist in all of us!


I would like the device to book up faster.


I love the templates feature. It is great to be able to add your own. I converted a notes sheet that I use to take notes when with clients it came across perfectly. So now I can take notes digitally. I have tried different ways to do this such as the Wave notebook but this is much better.


May I know which app that you are using to take screenshots? I use an app to read newspapers called “press reader” and I often need to ‘clip’ articles – usually this means taking screenshots. But I do not know how to do it on my Max2. So, I end up going over to my ipadair2 in order to take the shot and save it.


I would for the screen to turn off, but keep the image of the last item I was looking at.
Either that or allowing to choose wallpapers


Here is my list in order of importance

Ability to set the screensaver to be the last thing (in my case a note) that was on the screen (you could put a tiny message in the corner (sleeping) so people are not freaked out when the stylus doesn’t work. I know you can manually set images to be 1 of 6 images, but they don’t update when you update the note so this is not acceptable for like a todo list. They apparently are also not working right now for some reason (I get an inverted lined page with no text on it) I also don’t want to update 6 settings if I want to always have just one page as my screensaver, although I don’t think its bad to have multiple pages to randomly pick from as an option if people want to mark notes to show up in the screensaver or something, but honestly just the last screen should be fine for now.

Copy/Paste sections of notes (rectangle selection tool) or at least full note pages. I would like to be able to just hit ‘+’ no matter what notebook i’m in and move the notes later to the appropriate notebook

Rearrange order of pages in notebooks. You could literally just put little arrows under them in the notebook thumbnail browser while in a note editor screen that swaps the place with the one next to it, or a move to beginning or end too. Or drag and drop but I think arrows will suffice.

Scale transform rectangle with corner drag arrows for a new ‘selection’ tool or for sizing the pasted note (if you implement copy/pasting)

Add an option on cloud syncing to upload as png or jpg instead of pdf so ocr scans happen in services like evernote.

I’m not sure how syncing works now but it would be very nice is the entire database of notebooks / strokes etc is synced up to some cloud service and not just pngs/pdfs. I’d like to be able to move to another boox hardware in the future (say upgrade to the max3?) and I’d like the ability to move my old notebooks/notes between devices (this might exist already I haven’t found it yet)

Inverted Template that defaults the ink to white. I am going to add a custom template that is all black but I would like to use lines/grids etc and don’t want to recreate everything just for inverted notes. Could just have a global invert option in settings for the whole OS instead. (I know eink is weird for this sort of global setting but I’m ok with how my kobo is even though its more ‘noisy’

Fill tool for the shapes that you can already create, or have an option when you select a shape to ‘Fill’ similar to the option checkbox on the “All Pages” on the template selector popup. So I could draw a black box, or ‘clear’ an area with a white box

4-16 gray shades would add more freedom for graphic design, comic sketching etc (as previously mentioned)

On that note though, it would be nice to at least have one Hilighter gray that draws behind the lines that already exist. I like to highlight things as I go through todo’s etc.

Share button in Note page settings, use androids share functionality to be able to send a png/pdf of the note up. (like to gmail).

Make the white/black stroke color selection be a “toggle” switch: touch to have white, touch to have black, etc. so you can switch quicker and no need to touch twice and have the GUI pop out. You could just make it so you tap it twice to switch between them and still leave it open for more colors

Remove the popup letting me know I’m in white ink mode (you could check if most of the page is black (percentage?) I am using a full page of black template and its annoying to have to click ok every time I go to a note that uses the black background.

If you don’t like implementing so many things, just make the app opensource and I’ll do it all for you (as well as other peoples feature requests)


You could just install like swiftkey and use a swiping keyboard if you want a good on screen keyboard that works for such a large screen. It supports a couple variations of a mini mode, so you can have it docked to the right side with like 1/3 of the screen empty on the left. I use it myself for any text entry but I guess I wouldn’t want to write a book with it. (but I wouldn’t with any on screen keyboard I guess)


It has pin screen lock now… (I’m pretty sure although I haven’t tested it - its in settings). You can also install a notification type rotation app as the notes are android devices so most android apps work. I’m not sure what the notes app does though if you try to use it in landscape mode, so maybe they are trying to avoid this.


you can choose wallpapers by using the file browser and hold touching an image until the popup, then you can replace any of the 6 wallpaper images.


I use an an called ‘Screenshot touch’ which puts a little icon on your screen whereever you want it and when you touch it, it takes a screenshot and lets you share it with another app (like gmail). I don’t like haven’t to have an app always running for this though since its basically built into android now, putting it in the ‘hold power’ button menu would be a better place for it, then have the normal screenshot share notification for sharing.

  • Wallpaper selection: Please enable rotation of photos
  • Unlock: swipe up to unlock - it is the opposite, you must swipe down(!)
  • In Storage app: Enable moving of files from one folder to another
  • Enable double tap & right click


The screen unlock seems a little finicky. In my case I either have to use the pen to swipe up or use the back button (either on screen or physical)
As for moving file you can cut and then paste the where you want by long pressing (if you use multiple selection you only have to long press once and the menus will appear on screen)
I don’t know what you mean by right click, do you mean to bring up the menu or with mouse? If it’s the menu just long press.


Would it be possible to implement an option to long press the back button to refresh the screen or one in the “Apps Optimize Setting” to force a screen refresh when touching the margins or one of the corners? e.g. catch a tap on the top left corner as a refresh request when the app is in full screen (Note: not when the “Run In Full Screen” option is enable but when the app itself is in full screen)


You can long hold on a folder or file and cut/copy/rename/paste You can go into multiple selection mode add new folders, even add shortcuts to things from their storage app.


That is the most painfully missing feature for me. Realizing that I need a bit more place at the left side, but I cannot move the already ready parts a bit to the right is what happens to me time to time.


A definate improvement. Thank you for the addition of handwriting recognition. However, the AI for converting English handwriting into text is not complete to my mind. It can’t read my “joined-up” writing. That would not be a problem if there was a way to teach it to read more accurately. I think that is missing. Handwriting to text wold be a very powerful feature for a sizeable percentage of the population if you can get this right.

The navigation ball is excellent. Well done!


Hello, thank you for your feedback to us.
Have you ever set the AI recognition settings as English? (Settings/ AI recognition settings/ English) And that will increase the handwriting accuracy. BTW, we will keep working to make it better.


Hello Claire

That was a quick reply. Thanks. I am using British English, but I have not found any settings other than that for the AI. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

Kind regards