Temporarily disable touch input!


I want to emphatically renew my (and others’) request to be able to turn off the touch screen input.
Preferably by a toggle icon in the notficationbar simiilar to the toggles switching between sound volume / page navigation and the one switching between A2 and the “slow” screen mode.
Preferably so, that the notification bar still keeps the touch input, but that is not the biggest issue.

Background: I have used the MAX2 with the MobileSheetsPro app more and more extensively for my own preparation of music scores (I am a conductor). While the lag of the pen input is considerable and irritating in this third party app, I find it manageable. However, it takes almost acrobatic manual skills to hold the pen and write without touching the screen and thus either cancelling the input (several inputs at once seem to be impossible for the app) or creating unwanted annotations.
This toggle would resolve the issue and make me fully happy with the device in my daily use!
(It seems to be possible, since the stock onyx note taking app does not register touch input…)



This kind of problems handled in other devices, like Samsung Galaxy Note series devices by disabling the touch screen when the pen is hovering above the screen. Since the pen Onyx use is just the same Wacom pen as used by Samsung (so much that the Onyx pen works fine with my Samsung device (all of them) and vica versa, the Samsung pen works fine with my Max2), I bet our Onyx devices can also sense the pen approaching the screen.
@Angela, can you ask the R&D team, is it technically possible to sense the pen hoovering?


Dears, thank you very much for your kind suggestion, I will forward it to our R&D.


Long time - but the newest firmware does this exactly as I hoped for.
An icon, that temporarily disables touch - only the status bar remains active, thus it can easily be turned on again with or without stylus.
Thank you so much!!

Now the only thing that stays on my wishlist is the reducing of the lag while annotating in the sheetmusic app… the developer has problems integrating the puplished onyx library, but - maybe in the future.

Thanks for listening!!