Text lookup and google translate integration


I’m currently studying korean books, so I was planning to use the ‘dictionary’ feature in Neoreader quite a lot, but I’m finding that to be very limited unfortunately.
The dictionary only recognize basic words, but for anything like verbs or sentences, it’s a bit useless because it cannot recognize any of the grammar of course once the verb is conjugated.
And I think it’s more or less the same issue for english and other language dictionaries

So how about also using google translate api, for a much more useful feature?
For example you can see this in action in the Xodo PDF reader in your eink store
When pressing a word they have the option to either get a definition or a translation
On a phone it actually loads the google translate app, but on a tablet there’s a nice in-app integration
(I use Xodo on my phone but can’t on the Note because the pictures render blurry and drawing lags)

Also on a similar topic I’m having a hard time selecting words in Korean books.
Unlike english books, where long pressing a word would select the ENTIRE word, in korean (and also chinese apparently), just ONE character is highlighted, so it’s very tedious to manually drag the selection the pick the whole word… I would appreciate the same behavior as in english text please
(Xodo also a good reference for that, as it picks the whole word in korean)


Dear Lemo,
Thanks for your kind suggestion, I will forward it to our R&D. Thank you very much.


See link below for follow up to this post
Now I’m using a third party app for translations
But of course a better integrated native solution would be best