That little icon in Notes fullscreen mode

They added this fullscreen icon in the last firmware update – why? The physical button already pulls you out of Notes. Now I can’t draw on the full surface of the display! It’s an eyesore but I thought at least I could draw under it. But no, it actually BLOCKS your drawing/writing! So you can’t start writing at the top of the screen anymore. You can’t draw comics panel boxes. Who is making the UI decisions for these updates? It seems like no one at BOOX actually uses their own Notes app…

This is true, infact when I write continuous notes, every time I have to minimise the note and have to write the first two lines and then again go to full screen. Though this is minor bug, but it is considerable I think so.

What’s aggravating is that the icon has no need to be there. The physical button already exits fullscreen mode.

Apologize for any inconvenience that has caused. Our R&D department will fix this asap. Please be patient.