To Onyx - interesting options


An interesting option for the Knote application: when exporting notes in pdf format it would be very useful to be able to include the information resulted from application of the AI module - if that note was converted into text via AI module - , so that the resulting pdf file to be searchable, no longer needed when searching for a passage to open that note in Knote (where it is much more vulnerable - especially in the case of a finite, large note) but in any application that can render and search in pdf files.

It would also be another step towards professionalism for the Knote application to be able to recognize .svg files from other sources, allowing work on pre-existing files …

Among other requirements that have been signaled during the various updates:
built-in application,Storage, to take me back in the same directory from where a file was opened with another application, after that app was closed. For example: I open a file with NeoReader, then exit NeoReader to open another file from the same directory. I find it normal for Storage to place me in the last accessed place, not the parent directory.

Thank you and success in software improvement!