BOOX Android Series Update

Before update your device, please ensure enough power (over 30%), if uncertainty, connect the power supply to avoid running out of power led to the update can not enter the system:

  1. Downloaded update file into the root directory of built-in storage or the root directory of MicroSD card, without decompression;

  2. Go to Settings - About - system update , choose “Check update from local storage”;

  3. The system detects the update package, the process need about 3-5 minutes ;If you can not detect the update package, please check the downloaded file package is complete, try another new MicroSD card or save the package in built-in storage and try again;

  4. After updating the device will automatically reboot (for the first time into the system a little longer, please be patient), you can enter the settings - About - devices check the version number;

  5. Remove the memory card upgrade package, the upgrade is complete.