Screen no response

  1. Whether the battery is dead. BOOX has set a low battery reminder, but sometimes the device will remain in the last reading interface in the state of no power, the user can try charging for about 15 minutes, reboot;

2.Whether the device crash? If it is determined that there is electricity, it may cause crashes due to bad operation. Turn off the power by pressing the RESET key on the back of the device, and then press the power button to restart the device.

3.Whether the screen is damaged. If the charging and restart can not resolve it, it may be EINK screen is damaged, that can also cause the screen to stay in one of the last read interface, the whole screen or part of the display is not normal, or can not be refreshed, you need to contact the after-sales;

4.Whether the battery is damaged: if the battery is damaged, may also lead to charging can not start, need to contact the after-sales.

5.Motherboard problem. If the above methods can not resolve it, it may be the motherboard problem, you need to contact the after-sales.