Transfering file bytransfer app shows chinese characters on my PC



If I use the WiFi transfer method via the Tranfer app available on the Boox Nova Pro (or any other Boox ereader) do I get a bar code to scan or a local IP address. Whenever I enter the IP address in the browser I get a screen in Chinese but which contains one button. After clicking on the button it’s straightforward to transfer the file.
My Nova Pro device uses the English and Dutch languages, so I do not understand why I get Chinese text in the browser window. No real problem but still strange.
Maybe an improvement for a future release ?
Or am I doing something wrong ?


Keep pushing our R&D department working on this and will keep you updated.



thanks in advance


Update: it will be fixed in the next firmware update 2.1.3.


thanks for the info. Any planning yet on release 2.1.3 ?


Not yet. We will keep you updated.


In the meantime there are third party apps in Google’s Play Store that have the same functionality. I am using the ASUSTek File Manager for a while now and it works fine on all my Android devices.

Regards, Jan


Thank you for your valuable suggestion. :grinning: