Unable to charge?


I have been using the Max2 for a while and keep forgetting to charge it. The battery has now died. On most devices, that would not be a problem, I would just charge it again, however that does not seem to work. Since this device only charges when powered on, and the battery is dead (so it cannot power on), I am now not able to charge it. Is the device broken because the battery ran dead? or is there a way to get it to charge again?


Dear, please charge the device by the adaptor 5V/2A. If the battery is left out of the system for a long period of time without charging, or if the system is not plugged in for long time, it will take longer to charge.
Thank you.


Thank you for the reply.

I have had the the device plugged into a 5V/2A adapter for 5.5 hours now. It still will not power on and the LED on the power button does not come on. The device has only been dead briefly (I was using it yesterday, and when I picked it up today, the battery was dead)


Dear, please send back the device to the address that I sent you by message, our R&D will detect and fix it.
Thank you.