"Uncertified Device" notification


I can’t get rid of the “Uncertified Device” notification on my Nova Pro.
I’m still on the 2.0.1 firmware (waiting for the international release of 2.1).

I ativated Google Play following the procedure described in the Boox video (enable Google Play / GSF ID / Sign in Google Account) .
I can install my Google Play apps and everything works fine except for this persistent notification.

In Settings/Application, under GSF ID, I have the message “Press item to register device to your google account”.
I did that (several times) : it opens a webpage, it’s quite fast, a “Register succeed” message appears and then back to the Settings/Application page (with the same register device invite under GSF ID).

I also registered my Device ID and GSF ID at https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/.

The “Uncertified Device” notification is still there after each reboot.

Any help would be appreciated.


Dear, could you try the factory reset first and repeat the steps to activate the Google Play again? (Find factory reset from Settings/ About Device/ Factory Reset)
Please go to Settings — Application — Enable Google Play — GSF ID to active the Google account first. After 5 minutes, you can try to reboot your device and sign in the Google Play account. You could learn more from this video.
We apologize first for any inconvenience that may cause.


Great, it did the trick.

All is fine now.

Thank you very much :grinning:


You are welcome! Hope you could enjoy our product in the future.