Unexpected delays and customs fees when ordering from good ereader


After wondering about the availability of the Onyx Boox Note Pro on this forum, I was told I could order it from Good E Reader and did. Unfortunately, The order took more than a week to ship, and was eventually shipped from Hong Kong. When DHL delivered the device, they charged me an extra 90$CAD for the order.

I was warned by fellow readers on the forum this might happen, but never by Good E Reader themselves. When I asked them about the order the first time, they didn’t tell me anything either and told me to be patient. When I asked again after a week, I didn’t get a response at all, but then the device got shipped.

Their fineprint does mention this could happen, but only after this paragraph:

Items from our store will be fulfilled from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada via CANADA POST Expedited parcel service. We usually ship out within 3-5 business days.

Which is the one I read. Only I didn’t notice it also said, below:

Some products you order will be delivered from some of our retail partners. They will be shipped to you outside of Canada. If you live in Canada you will subject to taxes and duty.

What it seems to me is that this is actually inaccurate: all orders seem to be delivered from “retail partners” in China. I don’t mind having stuff shipped from China, in itself, but I would certainly like to know in advance what the final price of my item will be. There are actually laws in Canada for that and I can’t help but wonder that your partner, Good e-reader, is breaking some of those retail laws.

I would suggest you take those issues, which have happened to other people, into account in your relationship with that retailer, as it is hurting your brand name.

Now I am considering getting another device and I’m not sure where I should get it from anymore, because I certainly won’t do business with them anymore…


Although I live in Canada, I would never order anything from Good eReader. Time and again, they have shown themselves to be deceitful.

People have complained to them after discovering that their devices were shipping from Asia and not Vancouver as they had originally been led to believe. At least one person cancelled an order for an Onyx ereader earlier this year after discovering that the ereader was shipping from Asia and would not arrive in time for when it was needed.

And yet, Good eReader still does not specifically tell prospective customers that Onyx devices will ship from Asia and not Vancouver. Instead, they allow customers to think that their devices will ship from Vancouver when they know that they will ship from Asia and possibly expose the unwitting customer to additional taxes and fees. That is deliberately deceptive. I am surprised that Onyx would tarnish its reputation by being connected to a company which engages in such practices.

It would be very easy for Good eReader to have a pop-up notice at checkout which explicitly tells customers that their device will ship from Asia and may incur additional taxes and fees. Were they to do that, requiring the customer to check a box specifically agreeing to this, there would be no unexpected surprises. But they do not do this.

Instead of using Good eReader, I have ordered all four of my Onyx devices from the ereader.store in Germany: https://ereader.store/en/ All of my devices from them have shipped from Germany, not from Asia. I have found them to be very reliable and would not hesitate to order from them again.


Just to be clear, I have no issue with products shipping from China or elsewhere in Asia. I purchased my Hisense A2 Pro dual screen phone with which I am quite happy from a vendor on Aliexpress and it shipped from China.

The difference is that I knew IN ADVANCE of finalizing the purchase that the phone would be shipping from China so I knew that it might take a bit longer to arrive and that I might incur some additional taxes and fees. There were no surprises, which is how a legitimate business transaction should be conducted.


Dear user, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox first and apologize for any inconvenience that may cause during your shopping experience from Good Ereader. We have forwarded this to our relative colleagues, who are responsible for the business partnership with Good Ereader already. We will communicate with the Good Ereader to make the order related issues, such as the shipment details, customs fees and others as clear as possible. Please be patient. :grinning:
You could directly order another device from our Amazon stores or our official online store later. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.


When I checked the US site, the note pro wasn’t listed (and it still isn’t). Ectaco wasn’t listing it either, but now I see it’s listed there… The Canadian site has basically nothing: no Max Pro 2, no Note Pro…

Oh, and Amazon is out of the question. I don’t believe anyone should be using any Amazon product and I’m staying away from them as much as I can.

What I would like is a place where I can order your products and know the final price I will get at the door. As a bonus, I could, you know, walk into a store and actually hold the device in my hand, pay for it and walk out the door…

Like you’d do with a book, say. But maybe i’m just showing my age. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fully understand that. :grinning: Onyx Boox shall keep working to make our devices available as easy as purchasing a book in the near future.



I’m disappointed to see that this thread has been unlisted so that it is only available by direct link. If people do not know what is happening, then they might also fall victim to Good e-Reader’s dishonest practices and get hit with additional and unexpected costs.

I hope your unlisting of the thread doesn’t mean that you intend to ignore the issue. I would think much less of Onyx and have a hard time recommending your products were that to be the case.



Am very glad to see that this thread has been listed again. Potential customers need honest information in order to make an informed purchase so that they are not hit with any unexpected fees or taxes.

Thank you.


A quick update here: I ordered another device from the boox.com website directly, and the experience is so far pretty great: zero shipping fees (even to Canada! although I’ll have to pay customs) and 7-15 days ETA… We’ll see how it goes!


Please post what the customs brokerage fee is for you. I ordered two Max 3’s from Good e-Reader which were shipped from China and got to me by DHL. This courier hit me with $233 CAD for the two readers and two stands.


That’s horrible… We’ll see how it goes, so far I don’t even have a tracking number so I don’t think the device has even been shipped yet.


Just got the (DHL) tracking number (from Onyx) this morning, but the device is still not shipped. It seems it will be shipped from Hong Kong, however, so that will probably means another lengthy delay. It’s a bit annoying it took 6 days just to get the tracking number, not sure if that’s normal, but that sure seems slow. I was hoping the device would be shipped from the US, for example.

And just to be clear here on that first order at Good E-reader, it took ten days to ship, as in I ordered the device on June 4th, and I got a (DHL, again) tracking number on June 14th, ten days later, and good ereader charged 11$ shipping fees.

So from that perspective, things are better already with the Onyx shop: it took 6 days to “ship” and there were no shipping fees.

I unfortunately haven’t kept track of how much time the first order took to ship, once I got the tracking number, but considering I posted this on june 21st, it means it took at most another 7 days. I probably posted this on the day I received it, actually.

This is all really unfortunate. It’s one of the reasons why everyone is buying from Amazon nowadays: they fixed shipping. At a horrible cost in terms of human lives and concentration of power, of course, which is why I am not buying there, but I can understand why others do…

Having at least a little more transparency why those delays happen would definitely be helpful, at least…


Dear Customer, apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Please note that the product from Booxshop will be sent from Shenzhen, China and it will take 3-4 working days to deliver to Hongkong and finish the customs clearance. After that, it will be shipped by air from Hongkong to your destination. Please kindly note that only there will have shipping information when the package finish the customs clearance. Hope you could understand that.


so it’s going to take a while! dang… at least I know what’s going on, thanks!


I missed the delivery!

So i made the order 12 days ago (oct 11), and DHL attempted delivery today! so that’s pretty good, i guess: it’s within the original ETA. the DHL waybill number got issued the day after the order was made (oct 12), but it wasn’t received by DHL until two days ago (oct 21st), at which point DHL marked it as “picked up”. then it spent a few hours hanging out in hong kong, and then (oct 22nd) crossed half the planet in minus 6 hours (!?), flying from hong-kong to cincinnati while doing some funky time travel (it left hong-kong at 09:47 and arrived in cincinnati at 03:08, according to the DHL log). then it seems it flew from cincinnati to here today and got to my door, phew!

i’m impressed it took only 2 days to get from Hong Kong to here, and it kind of puzzles me that it got stuck there for 10 days before that…

Brokerage fees were not that bad, total tax (Canada/Quebec sales tax) was 68.83$CAD, which is actually a lower tax than what I expected. DHL charged 11$CAD in “processing fee” and “5$CAD” in “transaction fee”, for a total extra 16$CAD which also seems reasonable.

Oh, and one last bit of interesting trivia… The “Vendor”, according to DHL, is dx.com, interestingly. It must be the fastest order I’ve ever got from DX. :stuck_out_tongue: But it does explain the 10 day delay…

Can’t wait to get the thing now, DHL should try again tomorrow…


It seems that there is some delay about the shipping delay. :joy: Hope you could enjoy our product in the future.