Update 2.2.1 for Nova Pro

I know, there is a lot of topics like that, but problem is very big.

Update 2.2.1 makes Nova Pro unusable:

*Navigation ball can’t be disabled
*backlight can’t be turned on/off by pressing back button (seriously, how can I turn it on when it’s dark around?)
*Note toolbar position can’t be changed and not all options are visible at once
*Note toolbar covers note space - WTF?

I bought this device mostly for using it as digital notepad and I use it every day. Now, update ruined my best work tool. Please fix these problems as soon as possible.

Why you can’t run something like open beta testing program? I think, most of issues could be solved before release of stable version.



*unnecessarily auto-hiding normal android UI elements, like the status bar, instead of just continuing to allow the user to control its in-app presence via app optimizations. I personally want it visible in every app, like before–the reading apps I use already auto-hide it while actually reading.
*and, changing the app optimization menu into a multipage toast popup with fewer and less clear options rather than a standard android style settings list. Just cause you can change something doesn’t mean you should.
*also, where’d they hide their default icon set? It used to be in Dowloads/Boox/Icons. You can still put icons there to override the originals on the app page, but the built-in icon set is no longer there to borrow from while creating new icons. I’ve created some similar icons for some apps (including the play app market, which they no longer personalize to match the rest?), but the corners aren’t quite as smooth looking on close inspection. It’d be really handy to just be able to edit the original icons to ensure uniformity for any modifications I make.

Seriously, people tend to buy android epaper readers because they want android, not cause they want a device that’s been limited severely in function by the manufacturer. They want open access to it’s settings, abilities, and content, not to be dictated to as to what they can and can’t do with their devices.

Boox needs to refocus on ‘expanding’ usability and control, including releasing access to root and rom flashing. Their customers want more control over their devices, not less.

The more open source Boox goes, the more help they’ll get from the community building out a versatile and stable epaper device.


I agree, the main focus should be usability and multitasking.
Otherwise I would have bought a kindle


From a note takers perspective.

  1. Navigation ball can be disabled.
  2. The backlight home button shortcut is sorely missed.
  3. The toolbar position should be customizable. One cannot use the laso tool in the upper 2 cm of the screen. This is a big deal on 7" device.
  4. I prefer the new toolbar, as it (1) is compact, (2) encouranges using the whole screen, (3) nicely hides the additional buttons.
  5. I love that I can insert pictures, I hope a workflow develops to make this easier to do.
  6. The new smoothing effect is a huge improvement, be it a little annoying at times.
  7. The 5-shades of gray is good, if only the refresh rate can be improved. I think the shades should also be associated with the colours RGB.
  8. The exit note auto-PDF-export is a welcome addition.
  9. Associated side notes is a big plus.
  10. The software update terms state something like Onyx has access to all notes on the device. I feel this is a bit invasive.

Overall I think this update provides some great features for note takers and Onyx has shown it’s ability to innovate and compete with the best note-takers out there. But it is not there yet and still needs to work out some kinks. This update showed some features than genuinely improved my experience, but also some simple use cases were neglected.

Additional features I would like to see.

  1. A pen driven handwriting keyboard.
  2. Some sort of library/note management that associates files with folder, sometimes I find myself looking for exported notes, reading files, and the likes.
  3. I think the keyboard can also be simplified to a click->drag to select the desired tool in one stroke. Similarly for the navigation ball.

Well noted with thanks. These bugs or inconvenient features would be fixed with next firmware update. Please be patient.

IDK if I installed it, but my Nova Pro definitely already has this, and it’s super useful for writing annotations in NeoReader. It’s not super sufficient, cause IIRC it doesn’t rly recognize all the characters I usually wanna write (like the forall symbol [∀], the exists symbol [∃], and other non-ascii but still relevant symbols), but it gets the job done for the most part.