Update-Onyx Boox B.T. Remoter can't automatically reconnect-Has been fixed with the firmware update


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It functions pretty well, but one really annoying thing I’ve found so far is that as soon as you turn the ereader (Nova Pro) screen off, it kills the Bluetooth connection to the remote. Then I have to go back into Bluetooth settings and reconnect it. I have not found a way around this. I can just turn off the screen and turn it back on and the connection is lost and it will not automatically reconnect.

The directions are in really poor English, but seem to say that once it is paired with the ereader, just pressing a button on the remote will establish a connection. I am not finding this to be the case. It does not reconnect until I go into settings and manually reconnect it.

If I have to manually connect it every time the screen goes off, then this device causes more hassle than benefit. I’m hoping that I’m just doing something wrong, and I’ll keep trying things.


Hello, sorry about this problem. Yes, you could establish a connection by pressing the button on the remote but it still needs to manually pair the device when the screen goes off. Have passed this to our R&D team to follow up and will keep you updated.


The original post quoted above was mine. I’m pretty disappointed. I spent about $40 after shipping to get this remote, but the fact that I need to go into bluetooth settings and re-pair it every time the screen goes off makes the device completely worthless. It’s just in a box, waiting for a future update that will hopefully fix this.


Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. We have forwarded this to our R&D team to follow up. Per our colleagues from R&D Department, the update for the BT remote will be launched in mid-August and that would fix this problem.


Hello, thank you for your support to Onyx Boox first. And apologize for any inconvenience that has cause. We have forwarded this problem to our R&D team and this problem will be fixed with the firmware update. Below is the instruction for the firmware update and you could learn more from this video.

How to update the firmware of the Bluetooth Remote Control?

  1. Download the “Onyx DFU-release” apk form here and install it in your Android phone.

  2. Open the “Onyx DFU-release” App in your phone and then select the Bluetooth remote control at first step.

  3. Make sure that you have opened your phone’s Bluetooth first, and then please kindly click any button of your remote control.

  4. After the phone has paired with the Bluetooth control successfully, then click the “Update” button to easily update to the latest firmware.

  5. Then you could try to repair the remote control with your Boox device.


I get this error after pairing the remote on my phone.


We have forwarded this bug to our relative colleagues and will get back to you later.