Update-PDF links not working

Links to other pages within a PDF work, but pressing the back button exits the document back to the library. How can one go back to the previous page where the link was after viewing the target page?

Links to webpages don’t seem to work. The links are completely disabled!

Thank you for your kind feedback. We will forward this bug to our relative R&D colleagues to follow up and we will keep you updated.

Dear, please use the back button by popping up the menu button and then you could return back to the previous page. You could learn more from this video.

I also figured it out by myself but I agree with rjfrisby that would be more natural and quicker to just press physical button on Note (I’m not sure if it wasn’t like that in previous firmware). Or at least there should be option to choose what the button does. Also it would be nice to have possibility to program ‘back’ in touch settings actions currently back action is closing the document the same as physical button.