USB Debugging Mode


When I enable USB debugging mode and attach my Note to my computer, I get a message that the installation of the driver was unsuccessful.

Then, when I go into my device manager to have a look at the problem, I see a message that there is no ADB Interface driver for the device.

It’s strange because my original Max works fine in debugging mode.

Could you please direct me to where I might be able to download and install the necessary driver for the Note onto my Windows 7 computer?



Hi, would you pls try to restart your computer, and then connect your Note to the computer through USB cable again?


I have done that, and my Note is seen by the computer and I can transfer files between the computer and my Note.

However, when my Note is in USB Debugging Mode and when I attempt to use the ADB platform tools on my computer, typing the command adb devices in the command window, the Note does not show up as a listed device.

When I do the exact same thing with my original Max, it does show up as a listed device.

When I go into Device Manager on my computer, the Note is shown under Portable Devices and it has a driver. However, whenever my Note is connected to my computer, I also see an “Unknown Device” pop up under Other Devices. This Unknown Device does not have a driver and Windows doesn’t seem to be able to find a suitable one for it.

I never see an Unknown Device pop up when my original Max is connected to my computer in USB Debugging Mode so I suspect that the NOte must be lacking some driver which allows it to be seen by the ADB platform tools.