USB OTG support, USB audio support on Nova?



I tested the USB OTG functionality using an OTG cable, I even tried an externally powered USB OTG cable ( works on my Boox C67ML) and a powered USB hub connected with an USB cable with the OTG pin lifted (works with my Chuwi Android/Win10 tablet). I also tried the USB-C audio dongle by Apple, which is supposed to work with Android devices as well. Nothing seems to be working. I am only getting an Earphone indicator at the top bar if I connect the Apple audio dongle or the USB-C hub (docking station that works with a Samsung Android phone), but there is no audio out and Linux kernel reports no device detected.

Is it possible to provide support for the USB OTG on the Nova? I suppose it should be possible if it worked on the cheap C67ML. Having the USB audio with audio quality not crippled by the bluetooth bandwidth would be great, and having the serial port over USB would be great for some apps as well.

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Hello Vojtech, it is not available to support the USB OTG now.

" Solved, works ! " BOOX Nova Pro - USB-C to AUDIO adapter?

Dear Claire.

Is there a hope for the USB OTG on the Nova with a future firmware update? Is there a hope, that your future devices will support USB OTG?


" Solved, works ! " BOOX Nova Pro - USB-C to AUDIO adapter?

Here you have my wired headphones (with microphone) perfectly working in my Nova Pro. I use the adapter my Xiaomi MiA2 included.


This is very interesting. Do you have an idea, whether the dongle is active or passive? Whether it contains a sound card, or whether it is just a connector connecting to an internal sound card of the Onyx Nova Pro?


Hi @bubnikv
It’s a simple passive adapter to USB-C. The Nova Pro works like any Android Tablet when you plug a USB-C microphone-headphone.
I think you can find some cheap adapter without problem. :wink:


Hello Vojtech, we are sorry to inform you that the Nova will not officially support the USB OTG with future firmware update and we have not have such plan for the future devices. We have forwarded this request to our relative colleagues and we will take it seriously.


I can confirm that the passive USB-C audio adapter works with earphones. However it does not support microphone input. It looks as if the first audio frame was received, but then the audio input stops.


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