Using a 5.1V 2.1A for charge the Boox Max 2

Actually the only proper adapter i have to charge the onyx boox max 2 while using it as a second monitor is the one of the apple’s tablet but there is that 0.1 in excess both in voltage and corrent that scares me, is it safe to charge it in that way?

I hope i get the right category

I don’t know about your charger in particular, but I always use my Wife’s Kindle charger with my Max 2 and it charges fully from ‘empty’ in about 3-4hrs with no problems - the charger only gets as warm as it does when charging the Kindle - no warmer, and certainly not hot.

John B.

Dear, it will be better to use the adaptor of 5V 2A. Thank you.

Thanks very much! Can i also use another standard USB cable or is better use the one i got with the boox?