Using Boox as a drawing pad for PC

I want to record a lecture on a PC (windows) and use BOOX as a board where I can write notes, equations, etc.
Is there a way to integrate BOOX to windows, such that my sketches will appear simultaneously on my PC screen? (i.e., like a drawing pad). If it is possible, then how?


Yeah, kind of.

It would be possible for example to draw on your Boox and seeing the results on your pc. So using the device as a Wacom tablet.

And actually you could even do both of the things: write on the max, seeing the draw on the pc, seeing the drawing on the max itself.

But more help from the Onyx team would be needed. Since ATM personally I do not know how to access those hardware layers like the Wacom one and the EInk one.

Also it is not easy task to directly communicate to the pc.

I could be wrong, but this is what I think: it could be done, but it is not easy.

I would really like to know how to do that. I have a Boox Note 2 I have tried OneNote, Evernote and a few other 3rd party apps and it works terribly. I would really like to be able to share my screen with my students while I’m using the native note app. Could you please find a solution to all of us teachers who have to teach remotely now?


I have also been trying to connect the Note 2 to use as a drawing board for teaching students.

So far, the best solution I found is through

It is a web based whiteboard sharing platform. There is definitely more input lag from the pen (compared to the built in Note taking app, but it’s acceptable for my use).

My setup using Zoom Meeting:

  1. Connect to Zoom meeting on my PC.
  2. Open web browser on PC to
  3. Open web browser on Note 2 to same whiteboard on
  4. In Zoom, share the screen of web browser (which has your awwapp whiteboard opened).

Now you can use the Note 2 to draw and it will be live broadcast on Zoom and shared. I found it works better if you disable the touch screen on Note 2 so you get palm rejection while using the pen only.

Hope this helps some of you out there. :slight_smile:

I also kept track of battery use with this method. Yesterday, it used about 4-5% of battery for every hour. Not too bad…