Using dictionaries russian - english "failed load"

Hi everyone

I just bought the latest onyx boox nova pro for reading books in russian. For this I need a russian-english (or russian-german, russian-dutch for that matter) dictionary so I can read with popping up the meaning of a russian word I do not know.
According to the advertorial of onyx and Lingvo, there is a recently established cooperation where it says that Abbyy Lingvo russian dictionaries is to be pre-installed in the latest onyx products. Unfortunately this is not the case. But no drama, cause on the internet there is stardict russian-russian and russian-english dictionary available to install. Which I did.

The stardict dictionary are tar.bz2 files so I have to extra them twice, first to tar and then unzip them to three files: idx, dz and ifo files and put them into a new created folder, like ‘russian-english’ and put this folder under (nova pro) (internal) storage/dicts.

After done that I configured the dictionary on my boox nova pro as "preferred dictionary setting " (amongst other dictionaries).
According to different suggestions on the website about installing dictionaries - the reading with the dictionary then should work.

After trying different dictionaries, preferred setting of one or many dictionaries, pressing (tapping) on a word for popping up the dictionary didn’t cause anything to happen. The word was coloured as mentioned but there was no popping up. Trying on an other book story, I finally got the framework of popping up for a dictionary: but with the text: “load failed”

any suggestions, anyone?

Please kindly send this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.