Using Evernote app in Boox. Problems to use it in Max2


I installed the Evernote App, because I use it to archive articles etc. I would like to use the MAX 2 to read them and to underline, highlight etc.
But it seems the app is not very useful. When i try to edit the note I cannot change the size of the font for example. I cannot use the evernote tools of underline and highlight also.

It says me that the note contains non compatible format. And if I click in a part of the text it opens a little window to edit the part that the app splits. Sometimes is little and other times is bigger part, but it is difficult to edit it and to work on it.

I suppose it’s a problem of the evernote app. But in my smartphone I can manage better. I would like better to work on the MAX 2 to read and work on the texts. Is it a different version of the app for an android mobile phone that for the Boox Max 2? Is it related to the android version?

Does anybody has any idea to solve these issues?


Please try to uninstall the Evernote app from the Google Play store and redownload the one from the Onyx E-ink App store, that will improve the user experience of Evernote on Boox.


Thanks, it runs much better. I have only found a issue. When you (try to) edit a note the format bar doesn’t display entire. Only the first button (B) and then you can try to push the invisible ones (the rest). The are there but you cannot see them auntil you push on them, and then they appear. I attach a screen shot. Is this issue from the boox or from the app?

In this screenshot I have pushed “underline” button, so you can see it at the bar, but this is is a problem to choose the tool you want, at least until you find out where it is.


Hello Jorge, thank you for your feedback. We have also noticed that format bar problem and have submitted this to our R&D department. Will keep you updated.