V2.1.1 Knote bug


On MAX2 with V2.1.1 firmware the note app export to pdf has broken.
The note app exports the note to a pdf file on closing the note, and put the pdf file into a directory under /note/ (separate directory for every note named by the note title). When the note app connected to dropbox, this pdf also uploaded to dropbox. This was working and convenient with the v2 firmware, but seems broken in the latest.
It still generates a pdf, and still uploads, it just not openable, neither on the device with neo reader nor the uploaded file with acrobat reader. Acroread says the document has no pages, while neoreader says: open document failed.
There is an export option in knote when using the checkbox (select note) option. It puts the pdf under /note/mergeExported. This one works, but it names the pdf after the current timestamp, and not the note title (so hard to know which pdf is which note), and does not upload to dropbox.

Anyone else having similar issues?


Could you please set all notes saved as PDFs automatically when creating notes on Note App by following steps and let us know whether it will fix the problem or not?

  1. Please go to Notes/Settings/Option Settings

  2. Then click the “Automatically generate PDF… after exiting Notes”


Dear Claire,

This is the feature I’m having trouble with.
Yes, this is being turned on, and the pdf is indeed automatically created (and uploaded) on note close (just as with the previous firmware), but the created pdf is broken / not openable .
It is the same with my old notes and a newly created one.


Dear, could you please submit this on Feedback?(Settings/Feedback)


Meanwhile I’ve submitted an error report on the device, and was in contact with the support team.
The problem seems to be resolved, although not quite sure how. Basically what we have done is remove all sync account (dropbox/evernote) and reconfigure from scratch.
The strange thing is that it was the pdf generation that was broken, not the upload part. Yet after unbinding, rebinding the account now it seems to be working.