Wacom pen compatibility


Could anyone let me know which kinds of WACOM stylus pens are compatible to Boox Max 2? I really enjoyed MAX 2 but I lost my bundle pen and need to buy a new one.

I tried to find WACOM tech spec used in MAX2 and also compatibility information, but It was really hard to find. I would really appreciate someone can give me advices.

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Sometime I will do some drawing on my Samsung Note 5 and Tab A with Max2 stylus and I find it actually works!
Maybe you can try it,too, Max2 stylus might take a while to be available on website after all.

The wacom stylus will be available on our Amazon soon.

eReader Store offers the pen


I have 3 (older) Wacom pens and 2 Samsung (Galaxy Note 10.1) pens and I feel, they are not gliding well (more blunt) while writing. I assume, the e-Ink surface of the Max2 is different from a ‘touch schreen’ like Wacom Pad or a Samsung tablet.

(Updated entry to remove the link to Amazon UK and the wrong, not supported pen)

The pen offers on Amazon UK is for Max Carta and N96 series, it’s not compatible with Max 2.

The Samsung Galaxy note 8 pen works with max2


I did the same question on Amazon and Onyx reply with this code: B078WLP9L8

Hello Gubi!
Is there any difference between taking notes with the stylus from samsung Note 8 versus writing with the original stylus? Does the delete button work? Can you share any impressions?
Does anyone have any idea if the stylus for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 / S4 tablet works with Onyx Notes?

The two stylus works the same. Both pressure sensitivity and the button works on both the Max2 and the Note8 with both stylus.
The note8 stylus seems to be a bit more sensitive, needs a bit less pressure, but this maybe because I use the soft (black) tip, which is capable of bending a bit (the note8 pen has replacable tip, and I got softer and harder tips to choose from). Also this soft head feels a bit differently (more sticky to say), but technically works the same.
Maybe when Onyx will supply replacement tips for the pen, it will be exactly the same.

The original stylus that I got with the device has no button,I’ve purchased a replacement one for half price when Onyx offered that promotion for Max2 owners. But that original stylus also works on both the Note8 (and even on my old Note4).

Hi, Gubi!
Apart from the fact that it gives a better sensation and having a better pressure sensitivity, the Samsung Note 8 Pen is even more accurate with its thinner tip? I want to eliminate as far as possible the deviations that sometimes distort letters and calligraphy . (I notice that the application used is also very important - trid-party applications like Squid or Lecture Notes allow for a more elegant writing, but unfortunately they are very late in the reactions)

I was not examining the accuracy. I think it has nothing to do with the thinness of the tip. The onyx pen has a tip thin/pointy enough. The inaccuracy you (and I) experience sometimes is not related to the tip. Sometimes I noticed that when I laid the Max2 on top of my laptop keyboard (due to lack of space on my table) and tried to draw that way the pen accuracy become much worse. Taking the Max2 in my hand solved it.

Also the harder tip of the onyx pen works better on the plastic screen of the Max2. The soft tip of the Samsung pen makes more friction which feels a bit sticky. On the other hand on the glass screen of the phone the soft tip works better, the hard tip feels unnatural/too slippery.