What about all the suggestions people have made?

First of all, a new category should be made; something like “Feedbacks“ or “Support”.


I would like to see all the feature requests displayed somewhere. I hope and I think Onyx has a full list with all the feedbacks and suggestions ever made @claire

The point is, it is nice to see:
• the date and time the issue/feedback was submitted
• and the state of it (working in progress, done, or “to-do”)

I see a lot of feedbacks made but I do not know how many of them are actually being solved by Onyx.

So, in conclusion, we deserve a better organizations of feedbacks. So we know if Onyx is actually working on them and, if yes, at which point they are from solving/implementing them.



I would also appreciate better transparency. I much rather take a “no, we will not implement this” than “thank you for your suggestion, we will let the R&D know about it”.


Great suggestion here. I will add this later and it would be more convenient for both Boox and Boox users to track those valuable suggestions for Boox.

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