What are all the differences between the Note and the Note S?


So far I could only find this review:

it’s not a particularly trustworthy website so I need another source of information

I’m worried about the screen resolution mostly, as it seems a little low for the size.


Dear, you could find the product details of the Note and Note S on our website:

Thank you.


Hi, Looking at the images on your web-site the max 2 and Note look the same size - the pen isn’t in proportion to the size of the Note - making the Note look as big as the max 2?


The Note is 10.3" and the Note S is 9.7" and has a glass screen over the whole front including the bezel. Because of this the Note S won’t scratch in the same way as the plastic screens on the Note, Max and Max2.

The Note by default works with google play. The Note S doesn’t but you can enable it if you add your devices play id to a special website that pops up. However the Note S only has 1gb ram and the Note is 2gb. It seems that because of this google services slow down the operation of the OS, things feel very sluggish when you have google services running. I’m not sure what its like on the Note as I have the Note S though.