What's your favorite PDF/Epub reader for technical books?


I love the UX of the Neo Reader, it fits perfectly with an e-ink screen. No animation, touch to scroll, etc.
However, when reading technical books for which losing the format makes it almost impossible to understand the text, Neo Reader fails very badly as almost all the formatting is lost. And if I use PDFs, then I suffer from the inability to zoom in and still have the smooth e-ink experience. The best one with that regard so far (for both PDF and ePub) I found is Play Books; however, it is still have animations and hard to interact with smoothly on e-ink.

Long story short, when it comes to reading books that depends heavily on the text formatting, what’s your favorite reader?


Unfortunately many epub reader seems having problem with technical documents, especially programming ones with code snippets in it. I had problem even with Play Books.
The best working one for me so far is Moon+Reader.


My problem is exactly with programming books! I just tried moon+, seems even better than Play Books. The closest to what I get with iBooks at least

Thanks for sharing!